The Public Interest Law Centre specialises in public law, actions against public authorities and public inquiries. We act for individuals and campaign groups who have been treated unlawfully by public bodies. We also support communities, activists and social movements to use the law as a tool for social action. We are based in London, with clients citywide as well as in the South East and nationally.

How we work

Our solicitors, caseworkers & researchers meet with individuals and community groups to explore how legal action could help them challenge injustice and defend their social and human rights. We work with  campaigners to develop strategic litigation for social change. Our current caseload reflects our interest in opposing austerity, the hostile environment, state surveillance & violence against women.

Funding your case

The Public Interest Law Centre operates under the umbrella of Camden Community Law Centre. We are a law centre specialising in legal challenges to public bodies. Nearly all of our casework is conducted under a legal aid contract administered through the Legal Aid Agency. We litigate on behalf of individuals, campaigns groups and NGOs. Where possible we conduct pro bono casework.

What is public law?

Public law is essentially about how public bodies, such as local councils and government departments, use and exercise their power. When they exercise that power unlawfully or if the decision making process itself is unjust they can be open to legal challenge – that challenge can be by way of the complaints system or by judicial review if there is no other remedy available.