Benjamin is research and communications coordinator at PILC. He previously (2019-21) ran our EU homeless rights project, set up to monitor and defend the rights of homeless EU citizens around Brexit. He has written widely on destitution, deportation, no recourse to public funds (NRPF) and related topics. For PILC he is a member of a Crisis research advisory group around EEA homelessness and the international partner on a University of Warsaw research project into expulsions from the UK.

He has previously worked as a housing and welfare adviser at Hackney Migrant Centre, a community worker at Praxis, a refugee caseworker at the Red Cross and an independent mental health advocate (IMHA) at Mind. He has also been involved in setting up and running various grassroots groups, projects and campaigns in solidarity with destitute migrants.

He has a PhD in comparative literature and an MRes in East European Studies.

Recent and forthcoming publications:

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