Important considerations when bringing a legal challenge

If you are considering contacting us about a potential legal challenge related to gentrification, please read these important considerations:

Time limits in challenging decisions

When considering a challenge to proposed redevelopment plans or related issues, please note that there is a very tight window in which a legal challenge can be brought.  This can be as little as 6 weeks from the date of a planning decision being returned by a planning authority.

So it is very important to act promptly in seeking advice about your issue –  time is needed to legally investigate, prepare and follow legal procedure prior to bringing any legal challenge.

Who can bring a challenge?

In order to bring a legal challenge  to a decision of a public body (such as a planning authority) you must have ‘standing’. This means that there must be a close connection between you and the issue you are challenging.  An example of this would be a resident on an estate challenging redevelopment plans affecting their home.


Please note that bringing legal challenges, especially on planning cases, can be very costly and easily reach tens of thousands of pounds.

We are a law centre, meaning we mostly take on cases for clients who are eligible for public funding, called Legal Aid.

Unfortunately, due to government cuts to Legal Aid, the ability for people to access public funding is dropping.  If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we can also discuss alternative funding with you such as launching a Crowdfunder campaign.


Want to get in touch about gentrification issues you are facing?  Please contact Alexandra Goldenberg and Saskia O’Hara