Public Interest Law Centre and Pro Bono work.

What is Pro Bono?

The phrase pro bono comes from the latin ‘pro bono publico’ which means for the public good.

Whilst PILC considers all its work for the public good and in the public interest, in the legal context pro bono legal work generally means that work which is conducted for free.

At this stage we are not in a position to conduct a large amount of cases, but we will strive to assist where possible.

What is Pro Bono legal work?

Pro Bono legal casework is legal advice or representation provided in the public interest to individuals or charities or community groups or community groups who are not in a position to pay.

Pro Bono legal casework involves effectively working without payment to the law firm (regardless of the outcome) and by the barrister.

Pro Bono and Judicial Review.

Bringing a Judicial Review on a pro bono basis is a tricky business and requires careful planning between claimants and PILC. A protective costs order needs to be sought and obtained to limit the costs should the judicial Review be unsuccessful. In addition funds need to be raised to ensure  that costs are covered if the claim is unsuccessful.

In the past PILC have secured funds by crowdfunding which goes hand in hand with a Protective Costs Order. As stated, this needs to be planned carefully – but given the right case, and the right circumstances PILC can work with you to bring such a claim.