Creative legal strategies

The law, the courts and (more often than not) the judges are conservative. It’s inherent in the system. Social-justice legal work is about challenging dominant power structures, which are often upheld by unjust laws, policies and practices. Our mission is to use law creatively as a force for social change.

Beyond the court

Our solicitors, caseworkers & researchers meet with individuals and community groups to explore how legal action could help them challenge injustice and defend their social and human rights. We use advocacy and strategic communications to highlight how unlawful policies and practices are affecting our clients.

How victory is assessed

We have won groundbreaking legal victories – from Supreme Court cases like Tigere to sweeping policy changes like Gureckis. But while litigation is central to our work, we do not evaluate success purely on the basis of whether we win in court.

Our legal action seeks to unite the law with the movement. The value of our litigation is determined not only by its outcome but also by the attention it can draw to human- and social rights issues affecting working-class, racialized and migrant communities. Where we are unable to force change in the short term, we seek to put issues on the map and sow the seeds for change in the future.

Take Action

Social justice is a “we” thing, not an “I” thing. Whether it’s a legal case coupled with  a demonstration, a letter to an MP or a social media campaign, it’s the active involvement of PILC supporters, clients and their campaigns that moves our work forward.