Published On: 30th November 2023

On Tuesday 28 November Public Interest Law Centre represented Ms Aysen Dennis in a Judicial Review claim challenging the demolition of the Aylesbury council estate by Southwark Council and Notting Hill Genesis.

Ahead of the Judicial Review hearing residents and local campaigners protested the regeneration of the Aylesbury estate outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

Protesters demanded an end to the redevelopment of the estate in favour of refurbishment, chanting: ‘housing is a human right, not a privilege’.

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Mr Justice Holgate reserved judgment to be delivered as soon as ‘physically’ possible.

Ms Dennis states:

“Aylesbury estate was built for working class communities to live safely and securely. Now it is the site of a battle between our communities, and the councils and private developers who seek to demolish and privatise our homes. We cannot allow them to spread insecurity and socially cleanse us. We demand no demolition, no privatisation – refurbishment, security and justice!”

Alexandra Goldberg states:

“Developers should not be able to chop and change plans on a whip, communities want to see what they have been promised followed through”.

This work is part of PILC’s Gentrification Project: Supporting access to justice in the class-based transformation of urban space  

Ms Dennis’ legal team is:

Alexandra Goldenberg and Saskia O’Hara of the Public Interest Law Centre.

Jenny Wigley KC and Alex Shattock of Landmark Chambers.

Footage: BBC London News

Reported by: Frankie McCamley

Edited for PILC by: Pete Hill