Published On: 1st July 2019

A coalition of groups has called a solidarity protest on Wednesday 17th July 2019 outside the High Court.

The Public Interest law Centre is instructed in a Judicial Review challenge relating to the proposed devellopment at the Elephant & Castle.

The regeneration has already lost over a thousand council homes, from the Elephant’s demolished Heygate estate, a scandal in a borough with desperate housing need. Now, shopping centre owner and property developer Delancey has won permission to demolish the local shopping centre.  They also have permission to build new shops and nearly a thousand homes, but only 116, at best, will be social rented – and workicng class people will have to wait 10 years to see if they are built as promised.

Jerry Flynn our client is  challenging Delancey’s planning permission through a Judicial Review.  We want the permission quashed and then  a development scheme that provides homes and shops that are truly affordable for local working class people.

The rolled up hearing – permisison and sunstantive hearing – is due to take place on the 17th and 18th July 2019.