Published On: 12th April 2023

The Independent Blacklisting Collusion Inquiry (IBCI) was launched last year to investigate allegations of collusion between trade union officials and the construction industry, which led to the blacklisting of workers. The Inquiry is fully independent. The Inquiry is supported by rank and file trade unionists and the Blacklist Support Group, highlighting the widespread concern around this issue.

The newly launched website for the Inquiry can be found here. Workers who have information regarding these allegations can confidentially contact the Inquiry there.

Nick Randall KC of Matrix Chambers and John Carl Townsend of 33 Chancery Lane Chambers have been appointed as investigators for the Inquiry. With their extensive legal expertise, they will lead the investigation into the allegations of collusion, gathering evidence and conducting interviews with relevant parties.

Paul Heron, from the Public Interest Law Centre, has been appointed as the solicitor for the Inquiry. He will be responsible for ensuring that the Inquiry is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

The Inquiry will play a crucial role in investigating these allegations of blacklisting in the construction industry and addressing the concerns of workers who believe they have been unfairly treated.

Read Unite the Union’s press release here.