Published On: 28th October 2018

We are happy to announce that in the new year we will be changing our name to the Public Interest Law Centre.

Our change of name reflects the fact that we are developing from a small public law unit to a Law Centre with a large caseload alongside a range of projects, and have been able to grow our team and take on new and exciting challenges. We will remain an integral part of  Lambeth Law Centre and support its work as they support ours.

We will continue to work primarily in public law, whilst also bringing actions against public authorities. In the next period we hope to continue developing quality legal casework and cutting edge strategic litigation but always with a commitment to support campaigns and social justice activists.

We have made small but significant steps and we hope in the years to come they will become giant strides as we develop accessible, public interest strategic litigation for the community as a whole and the working class in particular.

Our Twitter account and website address will also change over the next period. Our web address to – and our twitter account will change from @_PILUNIT.

Watch this space.