On 10th January 2024 the Government’s proposed Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill, commonly referred to as the Anti-Boycott Bill comes back to Parliament before it heads to the Lords.

The Anti-Boycott is designed to restrict the freedom of local authorities, universities, select pension funds and other public institutions from exercising ethical judgment in their financial decisions.

Essentially, this legislation shields entities involved in human rights violations, environmental degradation, or aggressive conflicts by prohibiting public authorities from reflecting dissatisfaction with the conduct of any state or affiliated companies, unless given specific permission by the government. Whilst the purpose of the bill will undermine boycotts against fossil fuel industries, it would appear that the primary aim of the bill is to stifle the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement as it relates to the Occupied Palestine Territories.

This Anti-Boycott Bill poses a threat to the concerns of many people and public bodies in the country who deeply value human rights and environmental protection. It undermines our ability to urge public institutions to align with our concerns about illegal and unethical practices.

For more information you can read/download our legal briefing here

We also urge you, as a minimum, to take the following steps:

  • Action 1: Write to you MP – you can do that here
  • Action 2: Get your trade union branch or community organisation to pass this resolution here
  • Action 3: Keep in touch with the national Anti-Boycott Campaign – here