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PILC exists to challenge systemic injustice through legal representation, strategic litigation, research and legal education. We specialise in public law, actions against public authorities and public inquiries, bringing cases to court for individuals and grassroots groups who have been treated unfairly. We hold government and public bodies to account, challenging unlawful policies and practices.

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Public Law for the Community

Public Interest Law Centre


Our solicitors, caseworkers & researchers meet with individuals and community groups to explore how legal action could help them defend their social and human rights. Our current caseload reflects our interest in defending civil liberties and migrants’ rights and opposing economic injustice and violence against women.

Public Interest Law Centre


The Public Interest Law Centre operates under the umbrella of Camden Community Law Centre. We are a law centre specialising in legal challenges to public bodies. Nearly all of our casework is conducted under a legal aid contract administered through the Legal Aid Agency. Where possible we conduct pro bono casework.

Public Interest Law Centre


Public law is about how public bodies such as local councils and government departments use their power. When they exercise that power unlawfully or the decision making process itself is unjust they can be open to legal challenge. That challenge can be by way of the complaints system, or by judicial review if no other remedy is available.